Capler Homes Inc.: one of the best Custom Builders here at Nellysford, VA

If you are looking for reliable, skilled, and knowledgeable custom builders around Nellysford, VA, there is no need for you to search far and wide anymore because Capler Homes Inc. is here for you! Through our years of providing exceptionally efficient construction and remodeling services for anyone in the area, we were able to construct many homes that have truly left our clients in full satisfaction.

Here are some of our best construction projects here in Nellysford:

The Yurt House Project

The overall structure of this house is really different from the typical homes here in the US. As you can see, instead of having cornered walls, the house has a single circular shape. This depicts a traditional Mongolian house; however, the interior of the home is more inclined to a modern Scandinavian design. It has a six-foot skydome, which provides a sufficient amount of light to the home’s interior during the day. This has been one of the most challenging projects that we have done because of the circular structure of the walls - something that we are not used to building - but with close coordination with our architects and engineers plus our passion for our craft, we were able to successfully build this beautiful combination of cultural and modern design.

The Tiny House Project

They always say, “Great things come in small packages.” This statement is what the Tiny House Project embodies. Having a total area of just 400 square meters, this is one of the smallest full-blown construction projects that we have done so far but the size should not deceive you because the overall architectural design of this home is jam-packed with the most contemporary styles. This was personally designed by Ben, the company owner, who also oversaw the construction himself.

The Bridgehouse Project

This house is still under construction but we envision it as an epitome of a modern house with green architecture. With the supervision of Architect Allison Ewing, one of the leading architects in the country who promotes green architecture, we are hoping to finish this project in 2020. So far, the whole process of construction is really difficult because of two reasons: one, the location of the construction site is really far from the roads, so we needed to transport the construction supplies and materials from the road to the site; and the natural topography of the construction site also posts some challenges. Despite these difficulties, we believe that it will all be worth it once the construction of this home is already done.

To know more about us and the services that we offer, you can contact us now through the contact information at the bottom of this page. Aside from our construction services, we also provide renovation, plumbing, and septic repair services here in Nellysford, VA. Feel free to take a look at the other projects that we have done:

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