Excavation and Land Clearing in the Area of Nelson County, VA

It is often said that the most difficult steps to take are always the first ones. The same is true when constructing a new house. Once a lot is bought for the purpose of building a residential property, it is necessary to prepare the area first before anything is constructed on top of it. This is where land clearing and excavation comes in, and here at Nelson County, VA, Capler Homes Inc. is the perfect team to help you do this tedious task.

When properly done, this process will greatly impact the overall structural stability and integrity of the house. This is because the excavated area in the soil is where the foundations are constructed. That is why working with professionals who follow standard procedures is necessary. Here at Capler Homes Inc., we do four major steps in order to make sure that these standards are met properly.

The first step that we undertake is Geotechnical Reports Preparation. This is basically a report about the properties of the soil in the area and proper recommendations to be done to make sure that the site is safe for building homes. We get in touch with engineers to do this for us.

Next, we proceed with the Construction Site Clearing and Excavation. This process involves the removal of trees and other types of vegetation. After this, the layout of the property is set accurately on the area then the excavation begins. The soil is dug to a certain depth depending on the requirement of the structure to be built.

Third, we do Site Grading or adjusting the slope and elevation of the soil around the planned home in order to make sure that water is kept away from the building. Finally, we do Site Compaction in order to make sure that the soil in the site would meet the required maximum dry density for the soil. This step ensures that future undesired incidents like sinking are avoided once the house is already built.

On top of all that, we work with the best land clearing and excavation contractors in Nelson County, VA to make sure that you will only get the best services. So, if you are planning to build a new home in the area and need a team of professionals to do the site preparation for you, contact Capler Homes Inc. today!

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